COMICWORKS is a Manga drawing software, which was originally designed for professional Manga artists.


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Kaori Kikuchi
First Prize




We will post all the submitted work on this site to share with other users, regardless of the level of skill. (Prohibited works such as pornography will not be exhibited.) Plus, we will award great work periodically.

We have a - Manga Contest.
Read the requirements for the contest below.

Contest Details
COMICWORKS Award Manga Contest
We award a prize to one winner every month, and choose a first prize winner quartely. (If no exceptional work is submitted, no prize will be awarded). Once you win the COMICWORKS Award First Prize, you will be contracted to create an online series as a DELETER web artist on a separate payment arrangement.
  • 8 to 16-page manga completed in one issue. We will accept serial submissions that consist of issues with several pages each. Comic work that is completed in one page or a few will be accepted as an illustration contest entry.
  • We will select a winner once a month who will receive a gift, and award the first prize (50,000 yen) to the best work every three months. If no exceptional work is submitted, the cash prize will be carried over to the next month. This applies to the same year up to a maximum amount of 200,000 yen (no carry-over to the next year).
  • The first prize winner will be contracted to create a separate 32 page manga (completed in one issue) for our web series. The work will be published on our web site accordingly with the payment of 200,000 yen. Works introduced on the website will be published in the future (publication is planned overseas)
  • At this moment, our company representatives screen submitted works and select the work to be awarded the first prize. We will eventually invite comic editors and renowned artists for the screening process.
Submission Form
Click Here for the submission form
  • To submit, please fill out the submission form and specify the location of attached images (the image files created with COMICWORKS).
*In the case of files containing multiple pages or large files saved in PNG format, compressing in ZIP or LHA (extension is lzh) format would be appreciated.

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