Great tablet for DELETER CG illust and COMICWORKS

The new DELETER XP-PEN tablet is here! It has 1024-levels of pressure sensitivity, which is twice as much as the previous version. The tablet works perfectly with our software CG illust and COMICWORKS. Easy installation with USB port compatibility. Now available in white. The product comes standard with these softtware titles: "Annotate All", "Annotate for Word", "Pen Mail", "PenSigner", and "Pen Comander", which will expand your tablet usage. Check out its specifications below.

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The Pen has 1024-levels of pressure sensitivity, which is twice as much as the previous version. The AAA battery provides 5,000 hours of continuous use. The pen tip works as your left mouse button, the barrel buttons 1 & 2 duplicate your middle and right mouse buttons respectively.
3-button wireless pen
Connect it to a USB port, and install the driver software as guided. Very easy and simple installation. Easy to change the pressure level of your pen and customization of your tablet.
It also includes a sheet to put your favorite picture and illustration underneath to trace.

Available in white only.

The menu on the tablet has pre-assigned some short cut functions, such as "Internet", "My Documents", E-mail" and so on. Short cut for the software "Annotate All", "Annotate for Word", "PenMail", "PenSigner" are assigned also.

Annotate All

Annotate All is a pen-based program designed to give you an easy and powerful way to put handwritten notes, drawings and text on whatever you see on the screen while running ANY application program. It is called Annotate All, because it works with ALL applications that allow their screen image to be captured.


Pen-Mail makes it extremely easy to send your hand-written drawing through your e-mail system. Receiver will see your drawing as a JPG attachment.



PenSigner Program allows you to sign your name or to draw a simple picture and insert it into a document.


Annotate for Word

Annotate for Word allows you to add handwritten notes or other markings to a Word document, directly at where you draw as if on a piece of paper.

Technology Used Electromagnetic Contents

A tablet with
a wireless pen with AAA battery,
tablet driver software,
the software "PenMail",
"Annotate All", "Annotate for Word", "PenSigner", "Pen Comander",
DELETER CG illust trial version,
DELETER COMICWORKS trial version, and the instruction with warranty



Active Area 5.50" x 4.00"
Report Rate At least 100 points/sec
Pressure Sensitivity 1024 levels
Weight 340g N.W
Power consumption 0.35w
240 mm (L) x 230 mm (W) x 24 mm (H)
OS Windows98SE/Me/2000/XP
Others requires USB port

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