*Click above picture to see the tone infomration used in the picture.

*Dotted tones

Dotted tones have a direction. And unless you have a specific reason for doing so,
you need to post the tone the right way.

In general, use a bigger dotted tone for closer objects, and a smaller dotted tone for farther objects in your drawings to represent the depth of the field.



Maire is a fascinating visual effect created by laying two tones like in these examples.



On tone screen sheets, you might see these numbers like 65 L 20%. The number before "L" represents the number of lines in one inch, And the percentage means the darkness. Bigger numbers are darker.

If you layer two different L number tones, Maire occurs.

So use the same L number screen to layer.

Also, if you layer the tones in different directions. Moire might occur. So be careful.


*How to grip your cutter

Basically, you can grip your cutter however you like, but there are a couple of correct ways to grip a cutter. When you scratch a tone for creating a sun beam like below, please refer to the below picture for gripping the cutter correctly.

*When you want the effect like below, hold your cutter like in the below picture. The usage of cutter makes the cutter blade worn out easily. If you notice this, cut it off to create a new one.
Scratching to make blurry effect

*The direction to scratch tones for making a basic blurry effect)
Let's try scratching both directions like these two pictures show. Yes, you cannot make a beautiful blurry effect in these directions.

When you want a beautiful blurry effect, avoid scratching in these directions.



*Let's make a beautiful blurry effect together. First of all, decide the area in which you want to start scraching.

*Scratch completely the area that you want to start blurring.
*Scratch in this directlion carefully to make the blurry effect.

*At last, get rid of the right part completely to finish.
Wow!!! What a beautiful blurry effect !

*Work with a rubber eraser

Using a rubber eraser on tones creats blurry effects, too. The effects are softer than using a cutter. But be careful, don't rush erasing, or you won't get beautiful effects.
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